Frequently asked questions

What is my Awesomeness Score™?

It's the easiest way for a Blog or Podcast Host to evaluate you as a potential Guest at first glance.

You see, after listening to many leading Bloggers and Podcasters over the past several years - we put together our proprietary algorithm based on a list of 60+ attributes that these Hosts have stated make for a truly Awesome Guest.

So as a Guest member, your Awesomeness Score™ is the likelihood of you being an Awesome Guest based on the total number of points from each section of your profile (ie. overall profile completeness, media samples, social media presence, etc) as well as how you use the site (ie. response times to Host messages, how often you access resources, etc) and even things like Host feedback. Like we said, we are paying attention to over 60 things that Hosts have told us are important to them and so this site can coach you to success in each one.

When it comes to being an Awesome Guest - it's not as simple as having a large Facebook following or a couple really good media samples to achieve a really high Awesomeness Score™ and a member can never simply buy their way to a higher score.

But have no fear if your score is currently in the lower range as this is only one of the ways that Hosts will be finding and sorting their Guest searches. Many times, Hosts have other factors that are even more relevant and critical to their audiences and when they sort by any of those, your Awesomeness Score™ is just one part of their overall evaluation of potential Guests.

Hosts in turn have their own grading criteria based on fairly standard things like domain authority, ratings and positive reviews and social media following. But we also factor in things such as response time, how Guests are featured and as much other data that Hosts openly (but confidentially) share with us.

Whether you’re a Guest or a Host - we have many opportunities throughout the site for you to learn more about the Awesomeness Score™ and how to best use it for your particular needs.


Is this site mainly for Guests or Hosts?

Yes! The reason that we're so helpful and valuable to both Guests and Hosts is because we truly make life easier for both. We're the best place to find all the right matches for what you're looking for; both as a Guest or a Host.

It's similar to "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" in that AwesomeGuests™ works best for everyone when both Guests and Hosts maximize the immense time and hassle-saving potential of this site. With that being said, it makes sense to say that not much happens in terms of actual influence-boosting exposure for a Guest until a Host decides to respond to pitches and/or searches for a Guest. This is precisely why the majority of the features built specifically for Hosts are free of charge.

Of course while all this is happening, Guests need to have their profiles ready to be found and captivate said Hosts. And because Guests are in so many different stages of their ascension as experts and thought leaders - is why there are a few different membership levels to choose from.

It's fast and easy (and dare we say beautiful) searching and matching when everyone does their part and taps into the vast resources available to both Guests and Hosts on this site and this is what makes AwesomeGuest™ the ultimate tool for finding and being found by the top blogs and podcasts to supercharge influence for both sides.


Is this site mainly for Blogs or Podcasts?

In the very beginning of our site, we were predominantly being used by the blogging community for their unique search and pitch preferences since our profiles contain so much specific and helpful information. In the past year or so, the tide seems to be moving slowly towards podcasts and audio journalists in general. It's safe to assume that this will continue to be gradually even more so in the years ahead as more and more podcasts materialize and along with that; their needs for unique and compelling guests will grow as well.

However we’ll always be a powerful tool for both the blogging and podcasting communities since they both benefit greatly from the way Guests and Hosts can easily find each other in addition to all the other resources here at AwesomeGuests™.


This is such a helpful and unique service - why are membership fees so low?

Because our service is so unique and innovative, it took us quite a bit of time to properly research a reasonable price for all that this site offers. We found that there were a handful of free options and a couple of really expensive ones that folks were using but the reality is that none of them really solved the main problems that took up so much time and energy for both Hosts and Guests alike.

So long story short, we just picked what we thought would be able to "keep the lights on" while also serving as many smart people as possible. In every industry there's a spectrum of service levels and associated costs and since we're clearly a DIY-type of solution; we wanted to make sure our service was very affordable for everyone involved.

Also, when one of your co-founders is this guy - you simply can't get away with having a huge profit margin being the number one priority in business or life.

Most of our Guests are seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs or social sector leaders that really shouldn't spend too much on their PR or marketing efforts as of yet; so we're a great investment for them as they grow their personal brand and thought leadership over the course of a year or two.

The next biggest group of Guests are either bloggers or podcasters themselves and so we wanted to make sure this invaluable service was accessible to them as they grow their reach and influence. And of course, Hosts are the ones that can really help us all reach the coveted "go to expert" status and so they get their services for free*.

In order to keep our membership fees low for all membership levels, we do offer a bevy of options in our Members-Only Resource Center that pay us a small affiliate fee.

* There are a a few features that Hosts can upgrade to a PRO-level of memberships to use but the reality is that these are things that 99.9% of typical Hosts have no urgent need for.


Who joins at the PLUS level of membership?

Many of our members are Bloggers and/or Podcasters that realize one of the best ways (also the quickest and most fun) to expand their reach and influence is to appear in as many other blogs/podcasts as possible.

These folks have found value in being featured in both blogs/podcasts aligned directly with their specific niche and also in complementary niches to pick up even more new fans that they most likely would not naturally attract.

For these savvy Bloggers/Podcasters - the immense value of having Pro-level benefits as a Guest and Host are as clear as day and thus well worth the time and investment. 
A PLUS membership carries the power of both a Pro-Guest membership's "White Glove" services and the Pro-Host membership's "Concierge" services.


Do journalists or traditional “earned media” booking staff use this site?

Yes, we do currently have a cadre of traditional and audio journalists using this site (mostly in “Stealth Mode”) and foresee this becoming even more so because of the dynamic nature of our search tools - they especially appreciate the “Interesting Facts about Me” and last-minute availability sections on Guest profiles.

We all know the state of media is changing so fast and nowadays, even traditional “earned media” takes its cues from the unique curators and creators in the blog and podcast arenas. This is only going to become more and more prevalent so we’re anticipating seeing more traditional media folks use our site for their unique guest expert needs.


What are Legendary Blog or Podcast accounts?

When we first started out, we prepopulated the Host side of things with who we considered the absolute "best of the best" when it comes to Blogs and Podcasts that regularly featured guests. We scoured the entire interwebs and found a collection of just under five hundred Blogs and Podcasts that we thought set the standard for quality and their platform's ability to really supercharge someone's influence.

Not all of these accounts are claimed and many of them even go into "Stealth Mode" once they are so that they can use this tool to find guests withouth being bombarded with irrelevant pitches.

These blogging and podcasting luminaries are forever given every top-level membership benefit with our compliments for their professional achievements. Many other members enjoy seeing these on our site as well so that they can keep in mind the gold standard to strive for in Blogging/Podcasting. If your Blog/Podcast passes our criteria - the AwesomenessGuests™ team will be setting you up for your own very Legendary-level membership as well - hope to see you at that level soon!


What if there aren't a lot of blogs or podcasts for my expertise or keywords?

First of all, huge congrats as you have a great niche for your expertise!

Secondly, hundreds of blogs and podcasts get added into our mix of Hosts every week (even thousands some weeks) so it’s a good thing you’re already on this site so that you can be prepared for when more bloggers and podcasters in your niche arrive.

In the end you never know - the rare space you exist in might even lead to lots of repeat bookings since you’re definitely one of the “go to” experts in an incredible niche.


What makes this different from other similar tools out there?

We appreciate every single tool and service that preceded us and we ended up putting in the massive work to build this site because we found there wasn’t an easy and fast way to dynamically search for the things Hosts really want in their Guests and vice versa.

We believe that all of the other options out there have their unique value and strengths depending on what you’re trying to accomplish as a Guest or Host. From great straightforward list services to various PR organizations and even top-of-the-line full service agencies - we feel everyone plays a helpful role in the active ecosystem of Guests and Hosts each trying to find each other more simply and efficiently.

That’s why we partner with so many of them so please feel free to ask us more specific questions via the “comment box” on the site.


How is this going to supercharge my influence?

We all know that although the media landscape continues to change like crazy - the benefits of media credibility do not.

There is simply nothing more powerful in boosting your role as a legitimate influencer than receiving enthusiastic third-party credibility from a top Blog or Podcast.

These prominent content creators and curators are regarded as masters of their subject matter and when they feature you as a leading Expert to their respective highly dedicated and passionate audiences - well then you are in fact a Thought Leader from that moment forward... it’s really that powerful!

Here are some "Best Practice" tips for you as a Guest or Host to best use this ultimate site to increase your reach as an Influencer.


What type of security is in place on this website to guard my personal and financial information?

Even though you pay a small membership fee every month - none of your financial information is ever saved on our site in any way, shape or form. All of the payment processing is done via PayPal specifically to keep your information as secure as possible.

Also in keeping with the best practices of online security, we highly recommend you never use the same password on any two websites to better safeguard yourself against any hacks of any sites in the future. Thanks!


What else can I expect from the team at AwesomeGuests?

In addition to continuing to add droves of more Guests and Hosts to the site every week, please stay on the lookout for even more innovative tools coming up in the weeks and months to come - and leverage as many resources on this site as you can to grow your expert position within your industry.

You can easily stay on top of the latest as your dashboard and “Feature Friday” emails will give you timely notifications and updates. The "Timeline" page and the AwesomeGuests blog are also designed to make sure you get all the latest and greatest ways to supercharge your influence efficiently.

Also, we’re always adding more certifications and training programs to your members-only Resource Center.  

And finally, we’ll make a big deal when the TrendFriend™ campaign system for powerful social media marketing is finished as it’ll greatly amplify the influence and reach of every member of AwesomeGuests™ when it’s up and running.


This is such a helpful service and I want to tell all my pals about it right now - is there an affiliate program I can join?

For the time being, there are only a select number of affiliate partners helping us grow our ranks with their respective networks of Guests and Hosts. So please stay tuned as we'll announce the opening of the application for our affiliate program sometime in early 2018.

At that point, we’ll be more than happy to share with you the details of one of the most accurate, fair and generous affiliate programs on the entire interwebs.


This all seems very awesome!

Well, that's not really a question but yes, this is a very frequent phrase we hear whenever someone tries out this site the first time.

The "one-stop" nature of this ultimate tool is quickly winning fans from both sides of the Guest-Host equation. Thanks and hope to hear of your growing success soon!