Frequently asked questions

What is my Awesomeness Score™?

and how can i improve it? can never buy your way to top. webinar on this.

Host use it for basic sort, but then sort for social media, last-minute availabiltiy, etc.

How is this going to help me grow my influence?


Why are there two kinds of Hosts listed? (What is difference between a normal "Host" and a "Legendary Host?")

elite. super are doing great stuff too!

What if there aren't currently a lot of Blogs or Podcasts for my expertise or keywords?

you have great niche!

What makes this different from RadioGuestList, PodcastGuests, InterviewGuestsDirectory, HARO, Ninja Outreach, etc?

free- you get what pay for
different core purposes- we rec all


How does this help me as a HOST?

can I find the Guests that will be the best fit for my Blog or Podcast?
most of our guest members have their own blog/podcast too!


What else can I expect from

Timeline link/what's next

-more guests and hosts every week
-media samples


What is the TrendFriend™ Campaign System I keep hearing about?



This is such a helpful service and I want to tell all my pals about it right now; but is there an affiliate program?

Stay tuned - we'll announce the opening of our affiliate program applications starting in October 2017. We're still ironing out a few details and we're excited to share with you one of the most accurate, fair and generous affiliate programs on the interwebs.


This all seems very awesome!


That's not a question but yes, pretty awesome!


Who created this awesome tool?

Co-founders Mary Fernandez and Joon S. Han are both entrepreneurs that really wish a tool like this existed to help establish their positions as thought leaders back in the day. And so, they hope that you benefit greatly and enjoy this labor of love, as you increase and solidify your expert position within your industry.