Our Mission:

We built this powerful tool for the following brilliant people:

  • Inventive podcasters, bloggers and content creators (even journalists) that are putting together truly compelling, inspiring and informative content for their respective audience platforms.
  • The thoughtful and unique professionals that want to benefit from showcasing their expertise and personality on aforementioned platforms.
  • Smart agencies that are actively connecting the two groups above.
  • Savvy podcasters, bloggers and content creators that have figured out the best way to grow their respective audiences are by getting in front of other established podcast, blog or video audiences as a guest expert themselves.

Our Community:

Leaders in in the podcasting, blogging and other various content creation arenas consistently rely on our system to dramatically cut down the time and hassles in finding the most original, unique and compelling guest experts out there.

Similarly, inspiring world-class professionals full of insight, perspective and wisdom use this site to avoid the frustration of chasing down potential guest appearances that often go nowhere.

The AwesomeGuests™ system lets both of these groups find each other in the smartest and easiest way possible and we’re proud to constantly improve this tool to provide you the best place to find and be found.


Ever since embarking on our very first podcast over six years ago, we’ve become friends with so many of you podcasters, bloggers and content creators and it’s obvious that the best of the bunch rely on a consistent stream of unique and compelling guests.  But until now - there was no way to quickly and easily find the best guests for your audiences.
For example, many guests seem great from their one-sheet or LinkedIn but then turn out to be duds when it comes to their voice, writing samples or thoughtful dialogue.

Even more taxing is trying to find guests based on seemingly basic things like gender, religious beliefs, career type (ie. entrepreneur, mid-career, retired, lifestyle, freelance, etc) or even more outrageously interesting things like peculiar hobbies, nefarious backgrounds, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and such.

We’ve also spent almost twenty years getting to know so many world-class professionals like you that deserve the lion’s share of attention and notoriety.  And yet most of you don’t get enough media attention because you’re too busy doing excellent work instead of chasing the limelight.
You're exactly the right type of intriguing and inspiring person that should be featured in the evergreen and exciting content that new media creates on a daily basis.

And so after too many years wondering how each of these groups could better find and be found by each other - AwesomeGuests™ was born to help both hosts and guests dramatically grow their reach and influence in the smartest and easiest way possible.