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This page will have the following types of programs available to you as members of AwesomeGuests™. Tools that will:

  • Better position you as the leading expert and key influencer in your field
  • Coach you to win more bookings and maximize your opportunities in prominent blogs/podcasts
  • Teach you to leverage blog/podcast exposure to earn more traditional media opportunities
  • Grow the reach, influence and profitability of your own blog or podcast platform(s)
  • Train you to lead much smarter and more consistently profitable businesses

With a few exceptions, all of the above are offered via our strategic partners* and qualify as badge certifications that help boost your Awesomeness Score™.

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* Please note that we only partner with professionals/organizations in which we have the utmost respect and trust. Also, whenever possible these are mutual affiliates with this site to help us keep your membership fees as low as possible.

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